Thirty Drink

What you need to know about referencing our brand.

The Logo

When using the Thirty Drink logo, follow the requirements described below. By downloading or using any Thirty Drink logo, you agree to adhere to our usage guidelines.

The Thirty Drink logo is a registered trademark. The logo is built on the Benton Sans font. The letters are black, grey, or white.  The icon features a plus and a minus within a circle. The logo can be used in the color variations shown below, and may be a variety of dimensions wide or long depending on how or if the icon is included alongside the text.




thirty_logo_gw (1).png
thirty_logo_wb (1).png

Primary Brand Colors

C:65 M:56 Y:56 K:33

R:81 G:82 B:82

HEX: #515252

C:100 M:100 Y:33 K:35
R:32 G:22 B:82
HEX #201652

C:10 M:94 Y:0 K:0
R:220 G:37 B:151
HEX #DC2597

C:27 M:96 Y:65 K:18
R:159 G:41 B:67
HEX #9F2943

C:0 M:24 Y:100 K:3
R:247 G:188 B:0

C:67 M:940 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:97 B:0
HEX #FF6100

The Bottle













Guidelines for conditional use of Thirty Drink's logo:

By using the Thirty Drink logo, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The Thirty Drink logo must be used "as is." You may not alter the logo in any manner, including size, proportions, color or design. You may not animate, morph or otherwise distort its perspective or appearance.

  2. Additional text or design elements may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself. You may not combine the logo with other trademarks or text in a manner that creates a likelihood of confusion as to the ownership of the logo, or suggests that Thirty Drink endorses or is affiliated with the other trademarks or text. You must maintain reasonable minimum space around the border of the logo at all times.

  3. Your reference to Thirty Drink and/or its products, services and/or website must comply with these general guidelines. You may not present false or misleading information about Thirty Drink and/or its products, services and/or website. You may link to, but may not replicate, Thirty Drink's content. You may not frame or otherwise place a border around Thirty Drink's content.

  4. You may not use the logo on any form of merchandise.

  5. Your use of the logo may not directly or indirectly imply Thirty Drink sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your product or service, unless Thirty Drink has specifically granted written approval for such use. If you have not been granted official written approval to use the logo, the following disclaimer should be included on all web pages containing the image: [Your site name] is not affiliated with or endorsed by Recov Beverages, LLC.

  6. The use must not be harmful or damaging to the value of any of the Thirty Drink marks, its brand integrity, reputation or goodwill, such as use in connection with products, services or other content that (a) is obscene, harassing, defamatory, filthy, violent, pornographic, abusive, threatening, objectionable or illegal (b) advocates or encourages criminal conduct, or (c) may give rise to civil liability.

  7. Use of any logo is at your own risk. The uses permitted by Thirty Drink are provided “as is,” without any warranties whatsoever, express or implied, including (without limitation) any warranty of ownership or non-infringement of a third party's intellectual property rights. Thirty Drink reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display the logo at any time.

  8. Each logo is and shall remain Thirty Drink intellectual property. Thirty Drink does not grant you any right, title or interest in the logo other than the right to display the logo while in compliance with these general guidelines, and you agree to transfer and assign to Thirty Drink all intellectual property rights and goodwill you may acquire through the use of the logo. You agree not to infringe Thirty Drink or any third party's intellectual property rights, and you agree to comply with all international, federal, state and local intellectual property laws. You may not remove any trademark notices accompany the logo, and you must affix any other trademark notice requested by Thirty Drink.

  9. If you use the logo as a hyperlink, you agree to ensure that the hyperlink functions at industry standard speed and with industry standard uptime.

  10. Your misuse of a logo may cause Thirty Drink irreparable harm. Thirty Drink may pursue injunctive relief without posting a bond or proving actual damages to remedy misuse by you.

  11. You agree to indemnify and defend Thirty Drink for any damages, costs and attorneys' fees arising from or related to your violation of these guidelines.